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MyTelco Ltd

MyTelco Ltd is the result of many years hard work based on quality equipment and reliable infrastructure.

We started serving Hotspot services in Pissouri area on 2008. Today we are fully Licenced by OCECPR (Reg. 06/2014) and DEC. We are a member of the National Telecommunications board, member of CSIRT-CY (National Computer Security Incident Response Team) and member of Cyprus Cyber-crime team.
Further, we are a member of RIPE (Regional Internet Registry of Europe) and we comply with the latest European standards of telecommunications.
Our aim is to serve best possible services at the lowest cost. Customer centralized company tailored to our customer’s needs.
Pay what you need! as simple as that.

We are delivering the best possible un-managed Internet feed to your house based on Net Nutrality without any hidden limitations. Our support Team keeps the network’s up-time with highest availability and eliminating any disconnection issues.

Our Vision is to offer is High Speeds at low prices, reliable and unlimited.


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Our Team

Our Team is concisted by fully trained with all the Certifications of Mikrotik and Electricians.

Our aim is to offer Quality Services with our presence.

Markos Foutas

Founder & CEO

Our Certificate